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Creative Ideas for Every Blank Wall in Your Home

Sick of staring at a stark empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and personality by adding creative artwork, mixed media, and vintage finds.


Decorate a dining nook or breakfast banquette with framed family silhouettes. The pieces stand out against the wall with crisp black frames and clean white matting. Arrange the portraits in a neat, balanced composition with even spacing between each piece.


Display collected artwork look on a dime. Browse the dollar store for wood frames and customize them with paint. These frames were spruced up with black paint and then distressed with sandpaper to match the look of the vintage botanical prints they display.


Dress up a bare area with variations on a single decorating theme. The small print hanging directly above this dining table was the inspiration for a beach theme. A collection of artifacts, including seashells and a framed bathing suit, draws attention to the dining area and ties together the whole look.


Hop on the typography trend and use letters or words to create an artsy arrangement. Use a variety of sizes, colors, and materials in your wall art display. For example, try combining prints of your favorite word or phrase with three-dimensional artifacts in shadow boxes.


A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall—especially if it's a dramatic size, like this oversize print of the homeowner's state flag. Add emphasis to a single piece of artwork by installing a decorative pendant overhead. To make your own large artwork, stretch fabric around a canvas frame, available at crafts stores.


An expansive floating shelf adds character to a blank wall. Layer framed prints or pictures and favorite accessories along the shelf. If you have a larger wall, hang several shelves and stagger their heights.


Dress up your walls with variations on a single theme. Pick a subject or motif you love—like this homeowner's interest in birds—and repeat it in a collection of paintings, prints, needlepoints, and more. If you crave a little continuity, frame all your pieces in the same style of frame.


Have you found the perfect piece of artwork but discovered it doesn't fill the wall space the way you'd like it to? Pair it with smaller paintings to make the arrangement feel more robust. By placing smaller paintings on each side of this abstract canvas, the arrangement is in proportion to the wall space surrounding it.


Prevent a blank wall from looking stark by filling it with a collection of small prints. Soft landscapes like these ones look soothing placed against a soft white wall. To create a cohesive composition, search for prints of similar sizes and arrange the frames in a grid pattern on the wall.


Use framed prints to fill up blank space on the wall behind a bed. This arrangement doubles as a headboard. To create the grid-like look, use square black frames and hang them close together, leaving about 2-3 inches between the frame edges.


Looking for a quick but stunning way to fill up a blank wall? Try an oversize mirror. This once-dull corner comes to life with a floor-length mirror in a matte black frame. The mirror adds style to the room and reflects light around the space, making it feel larger.


It can be easy to overlook small spaces when designing a room, but tucked away spots, such as a niche for a bathtub, are great places to add an ensemble of prints. Group like prints on a blank bathroom wall with frames that match or complement the room's finishes.


Colorful graphic art pops off deeply saturated walls. Frame music or movie posters with white frames to make them stand out on colorful walls even more. The look is trendy but sophisticated—a successful vibe for a home office.


Filling a long wall in a living room can be a design challenge. Start by hanging a series of prints with complementary color palettes above the sofa. Partner the wall art with colorful decor elsewhere. Bookshelves create a natural perimeter for the wall art. Display decorative items and small framed artworks on the shelves to complete a pulled-together look for the entire room. 


Collect and paint wooden boxes and crates to fashion your own storage solution and eclectic art display. Use the lower bins to hold photo albums, crafting supplies, or family heirlooms. Hang boxes on the wall so they appear to be floating and fill with decorative items. Finish with a simple frame and your favorite artwork.

Draw attention to unique accessories with an oversize piece of artwork. This massive print embraces the contemporary typography trend and draws the eye toward a modern transparent console table. To keep the arrangement looking grounded and intentional, it's flanked by a pair of industrial-style sconces.


Create a gallery of frames above a large window or along the soffit above kitchen cabinets. Use matching frames for your collection and fill with favorite snapshots and fun prints. If you have a colorful space, try a collection of black-and-white images. Or if your space leans more neutral, like this breakfast nook, opt for an assortment of colorful artwork.


Fill blank wall space with a tight arrangement of eclectic artwork above a fireplace or mantel. To keep the wall from looking cluttered or random, make sure the artwork has a similar feel. Here, landscapes with similar colors and neutral frames fit snugly yet stylishly on a small dinning room wall.

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