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At Symbolic Designs, we create art that reflects the people who inspire us.  The Self-Starters, the Entrepreneurs, the Business-minded and the Hustlers — Those who dare to stick out and go for what they believe in.  Who takes their destiny into their own hands, and not just follow other people’s expectations.

Art is meant to create something different, something new… Something that stands out immediately when you walk into a room, and provokes the status quo to drive our culture forward.

We create and promote art that means something, that moves and inspires people.  Not just the person who buys our canvas art pieces, but everyone who sees it.  We want our art to cover the walls of driven entrepreneurs, believers, and innovators, to motivate them, their teams, clients, and every impressionable individual who enters their office, home, or space

Our artwork is packed with symbolism and attitude. They are meant to immediately let people know what an entrepreneur is about from the moment they walk in the room. The feature ideas and concepts designed to influence people and drive the latest art trends. While at the same time inspire and motivate individuals to give their absolute best.

That’s why we’re not interested in simply offering traditional or conventional wall art. We put a twist on the classical art concepts, mix it with millennial high performance culture, and translate the timeless into something new, modern, fun and trendy. And we never shy away from incorporating references to pop-culture or eccentric touches to make our wall art pack a potent punch.

Symbolic Designs is an online art company, catering specifically to those individuals who want art to stand for more than just a decoration. We offer art with an attitude that doesn’t apologize for success.

We believe in those that have the courage to change things, and who are resistant to criticism, challenges, and adversity. Our canvas wall decor reflects that in its high quality and consistency. It’s water and UV resistant to take the beating of a high energy workspace and last for years no matter what you throw at it — even under direct sunlight!

We truly hope you find our collections inspiring and motivational, and remember; now is the time to take action and surround yourself with the motivation to push forward!

I wish you all the success in the world.


Brian Slavin
Founder, CEO
Symbolic Designs, LLC

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